About Me

I love curating a collection of both analog and digital media - I've been collecting records for over a decade and maintain a home server. Transhumanism is a motivating idea - I love science fiction and augmented reality. I still collect games and try to play as many as I can, but committing the time to play through an RPG is rare, and I've left far too many games incomplete or barely started. In recent years I have been more interested in modding and repairs of electronics - this led to bigger and bigger projects over time, where I've done everything from building my own arcade machine to repairing pinball machines to simply changing batteries in a twenty-five year old game cartridge. If only life gave me the time to pursue everything!

I began an interest in photography in 2010 with the purchase of a Canon Rebel XS. I now shoot with an EOS 6D, and have dabbled a bit in film - Canon A-1 and Contax RTS.

I am a furry, and use my character as my online persona, an anthropomorphic Siberian Husky. I live with my partner of five years in Massachusetts.

The best way to contact me is via Telegram or Twitter

The Site

When I started this website in 2005, I was a not-yet-teenaged Nintendo gamer who loved Pokemon. My original online pseudonym was "Game Freak" - the development team behind the series. This website was born as the "Game Freak Network" - parked at a Freewebs space and sparked by a middle school friend who had also created a site to share things about videogames. I rehosted MIDI files from VGMusic, "best-of" charts from GameFAQs, shared some of my photography, embedded YouTube videos, and published a fictional scifi adventure starring my middle school friend circle. As time wore on and life got busier, I took up more hobbies and webhosting was no longer one of them.

In 2016, I gave this site a new coat of paint and bought the domain lykos.net (finally, a top-level domain!) - I hadn't yet found the best workflow for gallery and photo presentation. Several painstakingly-created galleries and an attempt to move my photos to Smugmug once again left this site dormant. Maybe someday...