My Programming Projects

I've been programming since the age of 9, starting with COLOR BASIC on my father's old TRS-80 Color Computer 2. I took 4 years of programming during high school (2 years of C, 2 years of Python and 1 year of HTML). In college I took several classes, and hope to share that work here someday. Below you can find some of my programs from high school.

Python Programs
I've made a total of 3 completed, unique Visual Python programs: Chess, Minesweeper, and the "Rave Piano". I also have an incomplete Checkers program, which is missing multi-jumping and kinging, and does not prevent players from moving backwards before they are kinged. I will include the former three here:
Yes, that is the Galaga theme in the beginning. I used the Rave Piano to create the notelist to get it to play at the beginning. This version is complete, but has no AI obviously (it is a two player version though!) It also does not note whether or not a piece is in check or checkmate (The losing player clicking Forfeit is how you end a checkmate game).
In order to change the difficulty, on line 27 add more instances to chance, between 0 and 24 (22, 23, and 24 already exist)
This is the Rave Piano, a lot of it is very complicated, and it creates an entire 5 octave keyboard with very minimal code. There is also a free play function that allows you to play your own tunes, a record function which allows you to record notes with durations of 100 to a new file (you must change the durations by hand, this is very tedious, so I have included some songs already). Lastly, there is the play function that enables you to play a song from a file.

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